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IBS & KBIS 2018

 The fifth annual Design & Construction Week® (DCW) features the

 As a creative entrepreneur, each year gives you a clean

E-Design: Why Is It Gaining Popularity? And Should Interior Designers Get In On The Trend? Op-Ed Written by Ivy Designer Chaney Widmer, founder of Mix

 Managing client expectations is one of the most crucial aspects of running an interior design business. Establishing a mutual understanding of the end-to-end design

 Interior Designers have mastered the art of creativity coupled with excellent project management skills. Their unique skillset gives them the ability to generate income

 Interior designers are hired to re-structure, re-arrange and re-design spaces for their clients. With that comes great responsibility and a particular creative and technical

 The process of becoming an accredited Interior Designer in the United States requires an actual degree in Interior Design, followed by passing the National

 The “Black Friday” trend dates back to the 1930s. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, stores would kick-off holiday shopping with big sales and

 Thank you to our friends at the Boston Design Center for hosting Ivy - our first-ever Boston Design Market experience! Wednesday afternoon was especially

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