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 Ivy Designer Christine Turknett of Christine Turknett Interiors walks us

 The Ivy Interior Designer Network is a thriving community of

 Every Interior Designer Mama is different. However, the one thing this creative group of mompreneurs shares in common is their taste for functional and beautiful things.

 Ivy Designer Stefania Skrabak of Art Home Garden walks us through her day in the life as a talented interior designer, from juggling a baby as a working

 'Tis the season to be jolly, generous, and selective about your gift wrap. Your thought and effort put into the gift should also be reflected

  Gift shopping for your co-designers and designer friends? Yes, we are a very particular and picky bunch, so this is no easy task. Here's a

  As someone who makes time for design as a passion or career, the look & feel of your Thanksgiving table setting is just as important

 Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you have to ditch your design snob tendencies. We've scoured the Internet and found appropriate DIY pumpkin masterpieces,

 With cheaper flights this fall, it's a good time to book your holiday abroad. Looking for a more local experience? Airbnb continues to give access to international

 It's October, therefore we're hunkering down in our cozy nooks and watching Netflix, a lot of Netflix. But what's catching our eye? The detail-oriented